Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Police officers torturing a suspect with bruitality and creativity.

The cops often have to interrogate a suspect outside police stations, 
where they have the necessary privacy, but lack the proper equipment.
In these places the important thing is to improvise, and the most important thing is to be creative. 
At a construction site, these policemen used ropes, a rustic ladder, and a tall trestle 
to immobilize the workman. For the spanking they used thick, twisted and coiled electric cables. 
The experienced policeman strongly grips the pawn's testicles by squeezing them and pulling brutally. In this way he cleverly protects the man's scrotum so that the lashes do not cause fatal injuries, but the penis is still exposed to blows, and will certainly be the target of several lashes. 
He knows he must avoid the kidneys and the face of the suspect. 
In this way, after the brutal beating, if they end up deciding that the suspect is innocent, they can simply release it without any problem.
He will not have the guts to denounce cops, he's just a worthless from a poor, mulatto, ignorant bricklayer.

The drawing is not ready yet, it will be colored and complemented.
But at this stage it has special flavor, does not it?

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

The prisioners body is soaked with blood, sweat and tears.

When I draw the prisoner being tortured I feel horny about the situation, and when I continue to change the drawing it is as if I were watching the scene. 
The executioner does not care about the screams, the contortions, the sweat, the blood and the tears that flow through the body of the victim.
The body is soaked with blood, sweat and tears.
His beautiful penis is swollen and deformed, purple and bruised. His scrotum hangs swollen and empty. Surely he will never have an erection again.
His nipples are swollen and bleed.
The torture session lasts for hours but it seems like time does not pass.
The torture room is small and stuffy, very hot.

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Having a prisoner well immobilized available to torture with the pliers is a huge pleasure!

Having a young and sturdy prisoner well immobilized and all the time available to torture him with the pliers is a huge pleasure!
Watching his wounded and tortured body is exciting.
Being able to destroy his nipples, his penis and scrotum is a privilege.

Which one do you prefer? The body still smooth or the wounded? Leave your opinion.

Thursday, January 4, 2018

The face of pain and despair of the victim.

This drawing is not ready yet, it's just a preliminary post.
I wanted to show the pleasure of having the prisoner's body immobilized 
to be worked with pliers and turquoises. 
The face of pain and despair of the victim contrasts with the calm and pleasure of the executioner.

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Gathering the whole family to watch the punishment of the servants.

Gathering the whole family to watch the punishment of the servants was an activity that sought to combat the boredom of the long winters.
At the same time this noisy, violent and pathetic spectacle reiterated the unlimited power over the life and body of the servants.
Having all members of the family acting naturally and joyfully in the face of the suffering and agony of the young servant taught young men and noble children that torturing, scourging, and otherwise provoking pain in their servants was acceptable and even necessary to maintain order and the domain.
They should not show pity, mercy, or any sentiment other than superiority and cruelty.

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

The whipped boys do not complain, they and their families do not protest, they accept that the right of their masters is unlimited.

The Russian nobles were feudal lords with full powers over all the families who inhabited their lands. During the long winters, when food was scarce and hunger threatened the survival of all, they would stay in their comfortable and heated palaces. The noble families spent months of tedious parties and endless drunkenness, without being able to leave during the snowstorms. One of the diversions was to bring the children of the servants, or the orphaned children, to torture and whip them for no reason or justification. Seeing a child being whipped, crying and sobbing in pain, hearing their moans and supplications is delicious.
The whole noble family could have fun with the scene. Curiously observe the effect of each type of whip, as each blow marks the boy's thin, delicate white skin.
The maid and servants help to tie and beat the young man without showing any mercy.
The boys chosen to entertain the parties do not complain. 
Their families do not protest, they accept that the right of their masters is unlimited.

Saturday, December 23, 2017

I can not understand or deny that I get horny and hard when he walks into the cell.

I do not know why I was arrested, nor how long I have been in this cell. I do not understand why they're beating me so hard. 
It's not an interrogation, he does not ask any questions. 
He only comes here two or three times a day, beat me and rapes me.
My back hurts a lot, I feel hungry, cold, aching at the wrists and the butt. But I can not understand or deny that I get horny and hard when he walks into the cell.